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New stick-on ‘sonar’ machine helps you to watch your personal coronary heart beat



3-D: Brief for three-dimensional. This time period is an adjective for one thing that has options that may be described in three dimensions — peak, width and size. 

micro organism: (singular: bacterium) Single-celled organisms. These dwell almost all over the place on Earth, from the underside of the ocean to inside different dwelling organisms (resembling vegetation and animals). Micro organism are one of many three domains of life on Earth.

biomedical engineer: An professional who makes use of science and math to search out options to issues in biology and medication; for instance, they may create medical units resembling synthetic knees.

clot: (in medication) A group of blood cells (platelets) and chemical compounds that accumulate in a small area, stopping the circulation of blood.

COVID-19: A reputation given to the illness that erupted into a large international pandemic in 2020. It first emerged in 2019 and is attributable to a brand new coronavirus often called SARS-CoV-2. Signs can embody pneumonia, bother respiratory, feeling too drained to stroll various steps, fever, complications, low blood-oxygen ranges, blood clots and mind “fog.” 

develop: To emerge or to make come into being, both naturally or by way of human intervention, resembling by manufacturing. (in biology) To develop as an organism from conception by way of maturity, typically present process modifications in chemistry, dimension, psychological maturity or generally even form.

diagnose: To investigate clues or signs within the seek for their trigger. The conclusion normally ends in a analysis — identification of the causal downside or illness.

engineer: An individual who makes use of science to unravel issues. As a verb, to engineer means to design a tool, materials or course of that may clear up some downside or unmet want. (v.) To carry out these duties, or the identify for an individual who performs such duties.

coronary heart assault: Everlasting injury to the guts muscle that happens when a number of areas of it grow to be starved of oxygen, normally on account of a brief blockage in blood circulation.

coronary heart fee: Coronary heart beat; the variety of occasions per minute that the guts — a pump — contracts, transferring blood all through the physique.

mechanical engineer: Somebody educated in a analysis subject that makes use of physics to review movement and the properties of supplies to design, construct and/or take a look at units.

organ: (in biology) Varied elements of an organism that carry out a number of specific features. As an example, an ovary is an organ that makes eggs, the mind is an organ that is sensible of nerve alerts and a plant’s roots are organs that soak up vitamins and moisture.

smartwatch: A watch that may carry out a number of features, together with seek for info on the web.

sonar: A system for the detection of objects and for measuring the depth of water. It really works by emitting sound pulses and measuring how lengthy it takes the echoes to return.

sound wave: A wave that transmits sound. Sound waves have alternating swaths of excessive and low strain.

statistics: The follow or science of accumulating and analyzing numerical knowledge in giant portions and deciphering their that means. A lot of this work entails lowering errors that could be attributable to random variation. An expert who works on this subject is known as a statistician.

system: A community of elements that collectively work to attain some operate. As an example, the blood, vessels and coronary heart are major elements of the human physique’s circulatory system. Equally, trains, platforms, tracks, roadway alerts and overpasses are among the many potential elements of a nation’s railway system. System may even be utilized to the processes or concepts which can be a part of some methodology or ordered set of procedures for getting a activity accomplished.

expertise: The applying of scientific information for sensible functions, particularly in business — or the units, processes and methods that outcome from these efforts.

tissue: Manufactured from cells, it’s any of the distinct kinds of supplies that make up animals, vegetation or fungi. Cells inside a tissue work as a unit to carry out a selected operate in dwelling organisms. Completely different organs of the human physique, as an illustration, typically are comprised of many several types of tissues.

ultrasound: (adj. ultrasonic) Sounds at frequencies above the vary that may be detected by the human ear. Additionally the identify given to a medical process that makes use of ultrasound to “see” inside the physique.

wave: A disturbance or variation that travels by way of area and matter in an everyday, oscillating trend.

wi-fi: (in telecommunications) An adjective that describes the flexibility of sure units to ship and obtain radio alerts over the air. It typically refers to Wi-Fi networks and the networks operated by cell-phone firms to transmit knowledge known as up by telephone customers.



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